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Divisions for 2020 Season

Division 1

Abington 1, Cambridge, Cambridge Warriors, Helions Bumpstead, Horseheath and Sawston & Babraham 1.

Division 2

Ickleton 1 , Linton 1, Mill Green, Sawston & Babraham 2, Wenden 1 and Wratting Lions .

Division 3

Abington 2, Ashdon, Chesterfords, Hundon, Rickling Ramblers and Saffron Walden.

Division 4

Haverhill, Ickleton 2, Linton 2,Sewards End,and Wenden 2

We currently have 1 vacancy for division 4 if any club would like to join please contact League Secretary Colin Godsmark A.S.A.P.

Teams registered for 2020 season

The following teams have registered for the 2020 season.

Wratting Lions, Saffron Walden, Mill Green, Ickleton 1, Ickleton 2, Horseheath, Haverhill, Abington 1, Abington 2, Linton 1, Linton 2, Hundon, Sawston & Babraham 1, Sawston & Babraham 2, Helions Bumpstead, Rickling Ramblers, Sewards End, Ashdon, Wenden 1, Wenden 2, Cambridge, Chesterfords.

Registration for 2020 season

New teams wishing to join the league should contact the League Secretary Colin Godsmark. All registrations have to be in by December 1st. For current teams paperwork will be e-mailed to you early October. Confirmation of registration will be by return e-mail and your club will appear on here.

50th Year Match

A game between ex players and long serving players took place at Haverhill CC on Sunday September 1st. One side lead by President Mick Ketteridge made 196 with Dan Goldsmith , Guy Ennew and Peter Richardson all retiring with 50’s. John Watkins 30 not out. In their reply the team Lead by Greg Street made 148 with Micky Rinaldi 40, Richard Last 25, Neil Winter 26 and Greg Street retiring with 30.

2019 Season at a glance.

League Champions: Sawston & Babraham 1

Relegated to Division 2: Wenden 1

Promoted to Division 1: Helions Bumpstead

Relegated to Division 3: Green Army

Promoted to Division 2: Sawston & Babraham 2

Relegated to Division 4: Linton 2

Promoted to Division 3: Saffron Walden

A.H Cup Winners: Sawston & Babraham 1

Runners up: Haverhill 1

League Cup Winners: Rickling Ramblers

Runners up: Chesterfords